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Success Stories

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Read about some of the lives that Have a Heart has touched – this is what it’s all about. Click on the photos to enlarge… Enjoy!


Honey was rescued in Glen Cove, NY by a local resident after being hit by a car. The accident was severe and caused her permanent neurological damage. She was then taken in and offered for adoption at the Glen Cove Animal Lovers League. Honey is a survivor, with the help of Have a Heart she beat the odds not once, but twice. Despite her scars and wobbly walk, her kind and gentle spirit won over the hearts of a forever family from Port Washington, NY.


Flash was stolen from his loving owners by dogfighters right here on Long Island. This poor, defenseless, and kind spirited pup was used by his captors as bait to train their fighting dogs. When he was no longer of use to the dogfighters, he was abandoned on the streets. Flash was severely injured and malnourished. He was brought to the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter by a compassionate citizen, where he was able to receive emergency medical care donated by Have a Heart. A local collie rescue group attempted to find Flash’s original owner, but no one had reported the dog missing. Eventually, after an arduous recovery and plenty of TLC, the rescue group found Flash a new forever family.


Abused by his owner, living outside tied to a tree with a rope around his neck, the future looked bleak for Braveheart. He was malnourished and suffered from severe rope burn as well as other painful neck injuries. With permission from his owner, Braveheart was taken in by the Town of Riverhead Animal Shelter. Have a Heart then provided him with emergency medical treatment and a loving foster home while he recovered. With the help of local rescue groups, Have a Heart found Braveheart a forever family.


After a torrential rain storm in Great Neck, NY a local resident discovered a kitten, separated from its mother, near a sewer. She was so small she fit into an empty tuna can. The man brought her to the doors of the North Shore Animal League, but he was turned away. His next stop was the North Hempstead Animal Shelter. From there, the kitten was rushed to the vet by Have a Heart where she received prompt medical care for hypothermia and an infection. She recovered and was returned to the shelter in search of a forever home. Soon after, a family from Port Washington, NY adopted her and their daughter named her Mittens.

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