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Have a Heart is the one last chance for pets who are likely to be euthanized. Animal shelters don't have the resources to take care of every pet indefinitely and, as a result, have to make heart-wrenching decisions every day to put perfectly healthy animals to sleep. You can help!

The pets you'll find on Have a Heart are healthy, friendly and just want to be loved.

So if you're looking for a pet, we would first ask that you Have a Heart - and perhaps save a life - by considering one our friends here or visiting your local animal shelter. You'll both be glad you did.

Recent News

ASPCA Offers Sheltered Pet Search Engines

November 15, 2014
Find Adoptable Dogs & Cats in Your Area

Are you interested in adopting a sheltered pet? Look no further!

The ASPCA offers an incredible search engine on their website that locates listings for adoptable pets in animal shelters nationwide. Just select the desired breed, sex and distance from your location and the search engine will pull up listings for you to view. In addition, you can filter... ›› read more

China Yulin Dog Meat Festival Under Way Despite Outrage

June 22, 2015
Dogs transported in a cage to the dog meat market

Thousands of homeless street dogs and even stolen family pets have been brought from all over China to Yulin for slaughter. Defenseless animals have been burned, butchered and boiled alive to feed the festival's attendees. Please speak out against this atrocious event by using the hashtag #StopYulin2015.

An annual dog meat festival in south-west China has... ›› read more

Lab Abandoned Near LIE in Syosset Gets New Home

May 5, 2015
When Teddy was found, he had an injured foot and later needed to have his toe amputated.

A Deer Park woman is accused of abandoning her dog after a tracking chip linked it to the owner.

Amavilla Araujo, 44, is accused of leaving her yellow 8-year-old lab mix, Teddy, near a public road by the entrance to the Long Island Expressway in Syosset on February 10 after she was placed on a waiting list to turn the pooch over to a shelter.

... ›› read more